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8 Things You Must Know When Choosing A Butterfly Valve.

Author:Hong | UpDate:2023-02-28 | clicks:

When buying butterfly valves, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you choose the right valve for your specific application. Here are some of the key things to pay attention to:

1.Butterfly Valve Application

The first thing to consider is the application for which the butterfly valve will be used. Different types of butterfly valves are designed for different applications, such as high-pressure or high-temperature environments, corrosive or abrasive fluids, and so on.

2.Butterfly Valve Size

Butterfly valves come in a variety of sizes, so it's important to choose the right size for your piping system. Consider the pipe size and flow rate when selecting the valve size.

3.Butterfly Valve Material

The material of the valve body, disc, and stem must be compatible with the fluid being handled. Some common materials used for butterfly valves include cast iron, stainless steel, PVC, and bronze.

Butterfly valve

4.Butterfly Valve Disc type

The disc of the butterfly valve can be either concentric or eccentric. Concentric discs are used for low-pressure applications, while eccentric discs are used for high-performance applications.

Butterfly valve Disc

5.Butterfly Valve Seat type

The seat of the butterfly valve can be either resilient or metal. Resilient seats are made of materials such as rubber or PTFE and are suitable for handling corrosive fluids. Metal seats are more durable and are suitable for high-temperature applications.

6.Butterfly Valve End connections

Butterfly valves come with a variety of end connections, such as flanged, threaded, or wafer-style. Choose the end connection that matches the piping system being used.

Butterfly valve Size

7.Butterfly Valve Actuation

Finally, consider how the butterfly valve will be actuated. Valves can be manually operated, or they can be automated with electric or pneumatic actuators. Choose the actuation method that best suits the application and the level of control required.

Butterfly valve Actuation

8.Butterfly Valve Price

Butterfly valves of the same size will appear in many prices, and one of the most important factors in reference to the price is whether the material content is up to standard and whether the weight is sufficient. The weight of the butterfly valve varies from body to body, and of course you can choose the body you like. The valve with too low a price is likely to have a material that is not up to standard. So about the price, butterfly valve weight is an important reference indicator

By considering these factors, you can select a butterfly valve that is suitable for your application and will provide reliable and efficient operation.